The CCAB Lab’s operations pillars are Ecosystem and startups Mapping, Internationalization of startups/scale-ups and innovative ideas, Market Awareness and Meetups, and the ABCC Innovation Committee.

Ecosystem and startups Mapping
  • Constant monitoring of the Brazilian and Arab innovation Ecosystems;
  • Curatorship with the categorization of Startups and Companies;
  • Creation of business intelligence to identify synergies.
Internationalization of startups/scale-ups and innovative ideas
  • Startup internationalization program;
  • “Open Innovation Challenges” program.
Market Awareness and Meetups
  • Presentation roadshow and individual meetings;
  • Webinars, Bootcamps, seminars;
  • Work in “Communities”: Open Innovation BR - Arab Countries.
ABCC Innovation Committee
  • Thematic Committee for discussion on Innovation and Technology and its impacts on Brazil-Arab relations.

Target Audience


Startups and creative ventures intending to internationalize innovative products or services with a technological basis and the potential to enter the Brazilian and Arab markets in the different mapped sectors.


  • Startups and already established businesses, with a validated MVP;
  • Revenue over BRL 1 million or with an investment contribution;
  • Team fully dedicated to the company, fluent in English;
  • Potential for international expansion (investment in internationalization, solutions prepared for other languages, etc.).
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