In line with the mission of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), which is to connect Brazilians and Arabs to promote economic, social, and cultural development, and given a situation of digital transformation favorable to innovation, the CCAB Lab has as its goal to connect Brazilian and Arab Innovation Ecosystems, spreading awareness and expanding their operations.


Having seen the necessity to create an innovation space for the entity to actively work with the technology and innovation sectors, embracing the entire Ecosystem, the CCAB Lab, therefore, aims to be a facilitating agent and a reference in bringing the Brazilian and Arab Innovation Ecosystems closer together .


The CCAB Lab aims to be an innovation space/hub for the internationalization of startups and technology-based companies and a facilitating agent for bringing Brazilian and Arab Ecosystems closer together.

Through the creation of the CCAB Lab, the ABCC intends to help the different Ecosystems players in internationalization and bringing Brazil and the Arab Countries closer together, developing activities to raise awareness, train, present solutions, and connect stakeholders.

Specific goals

I. Encourage the internationalization of startups, scale-ups, and technology-based companies in the Brazilian and Arab markets;
II. Provide networking among participants through meetings/events for expertise exchange;
III. Provide access to content;
IV. Provide training on internationalization to Arab countries;
V. Facilitate connection with partner mentors.

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